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Child Care Centre Inc.


About Us


The early years are the most important time in life with regards to learning and developing a person’s individuality and character. Our team strives to provide a high-quality and nurturing, play-based, early learning program to children from the ages of 18 months to 12 years! Exploring Awaits exists to offer a safe, friendly, developmentally appropriate environment with learning through play as the foundation of a child’s development. Our program will provide children with planned and organized activities to participate in that allow them to be hands on, based on their current interests, and help them to grow in each developmental domain. There will be many activities throughout each day that will allow the children to use their imagination and creative minds. Children will also be encouraged to practice and master their problem-solving skills in all areas of the room during both group and individual play.


Our curriculum also allows Educators to facilitate, and participate in, activities that are spontaneous and flexible which will encourage positive social interactions and let the children’s uniqueness shine. These interactions help build healthy relationships between the educators and children which will allow for a sense of trust and security. We believe that the most engaging and powerful type of curriculum children could be a part of is by allowing them opportunities to contribute to, and lead activities. It is extremely important that we allow these types of opportunities as much as possible so that each child in our care feels comfortable in their environment and with the programs that they are involved in. Positive praise is given to children frequently to encourage positive self-esteem and a sense of self-worth in each child.


We strongly believe in the importance of inclusion between the children, with families, and the community. We value the uniqueness and perspectives of each parent and family member, and warmly welcome any skills, traditions, cultures, and experiences that they have to offer to integrate into our programming. It is important to us that we build trusting and respectful relationships between children, staff, parents and families, and to ensure consistency and stability in all aspects of our Centre. This will create a sense of security for the children, and contribute to them being able to build loving, trusting, and lasting attachments with their Educators, and have positive effects on their long-term development. When parents and educators can openly communicate and respectively collaborate ideas about a child, they can work together to build and celebrate their individual strengths. 

Outdoor activities play an important roll in our program. Outdoor play gives the children an opportunity daily to develop their skills in a different environment. Children develop physical and socialization skills, use their imagination, and take part in group activities while outdoors with their peers. We believe that daily physical activity also provides the children with opportunities that meet their emotional, social, and intellectual needs. We have the best interest of the children as our top priority by ensuring all educators provide a supportive environment for every child and allow for opportunities that will help them to develop and grow in every area. To all of us at Exploring Awaits Child Care Centre, the most important part of our programming is that while the children are learning, they are having as much fun as possible.

Let the exploring begin...

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